30 Days will make a difference !!!


Salam Ramadan

Allah Almighty is very kind and merciful towards its mankind. He always offers chances to us on little things so that we repent ourselves. He doesn’t want us to fall for the evils. This is the real greatness and love of Allah for His people that no one other has. Month of Holy Ramadan is another chance that Allah has given us to repent ourselves, to repair our bodies and souls.

As we know that Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic Calendar. It’s the holiest in all. Muslims all over the world keep fast for about 13 to 18 hours each day and try to restrain themselves from fighting, drinking, smoking, abusive language etc. Fasting is not meant only with our stomach or drying our throats, it is with our hands, tongue, eyes, heart, brain, feet and in fact every part of our body. Generally Fasting is the “fight’ between our body and soul.

In Pakistan, first “Roza” will be on 2nd August and my Ramadan spirit is getting stronger and stronger as the days passing. As our Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said When Ramadan arrives the gates of heaven are thrown open and the gates of the fire (hell) are slammed shut, and the devils are shackled.” Al-Bukhari and Muslim Shareef. Subhanallah. This forces us to get rid of our regular sins that we used to do, in little easy way. EASY WAY? Yes, Ramadan is coming, It is a month in which Allah almighty gave us internal strength, courage, power to become a better man and be a better Muslim. Isn’t it an easy way?

We are very lucky yes! we are very lucky that Allah gave us chance again to perform prayers, keep fasts in yet another Ramadan. It’s a gifted month and loot sale of good deeds. So try to collect as many good deeds as possible and try to make yourself clean from all kind of sins. May Allah guide us a right direction and forgive our sins. Please pray for all the humanity in this world, hopefully with grace of this month, Allah Almighty give us the best as they think for us.


About Shaikh Saif

From Sialkot, A Pakistani teen. A volunteer who views world with a positive eye and with his skiled services, passionate to transform it into a peacefull village. A photographer who believes that he don't take a photograph but he make it. Creativity is his weapon. He's a freelancer and pretty much self-employed. Social worker who is working for some organizations and also running his own social action projects. He loves humanity and believes in empowering women and local youth. A young blogger who writes freely to express his positivity and who expose a real world. Youth member of the political part named PTI (Pakistan tehrek-insaaf). An activist by mind, wanderer by soul and learner by heart.

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