We’ve got a Google Doodle….yaay!!!


My Excitement is on the rise as Google for the first time payed attention to Pakistani users by publishing a Google doodle for Independence Day

The Doodle comprises “Green” which depicts our Flag.The “L” letter in the in word Google replaced  by a monument Minar-e-Pakistan.Cresent and stars makes up the letter “g” which is obviously a Pakistani symbol. I was expecting a little more creativity from Google but though it is very cool because it is for Pakistan and i loved it ❤

I shared this green doodle in my twitter and Facebook and it is very much liked and appreciated.

Thanks Google!! You made our Independence, love ya ❤


About Shaikh Saif

From Sialkot, A Pakistani teen. A volunteer who views world with a positive eye and with his skiled services, passionate to transform it into a peacefull village. A photographer who believes that he don't take a photograph but he make it. Creativity is his weapon. He's a freelancer and pretty much self-employed. Social worker who is working for some organizations and also running his own social action projects. He loves humanity and believes in empowering women and local youth. A young blogger who writes freely to express his positivity and who expose a real world. Youth member of the political part named PTI (Pakistan tehrek-insaaf). An activist by mind, wanderer by soul and learner by heart.

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