6th Drive became adventurous – Iftari for poors


Ramazan in Pakistan is tough. There are those who fast and pray. There are those who fast,  pray and feed the poor. There are those who fast, pray and are fed as they are poor. This is Ramazan in Pakistan. I’m the one who tried to feed the poor.

Before Ramazan started, me and my cousin (Ghalib Khalil) were planning to start a Social project. We had an idea of starting a project regarding Ramazan. So without wandering of anything else, we planned to to serve Iftari to needy this whole month.We named the project “Iftari for poor” started with collaboration of Rescue Pakistan Youth Foundation.Though it seemed difficult that time but Mash’allah we as a team conducted 6 Drives and served almost 500 (poor,orphans) till now.

Yesterday we had our 6th drive, which I should call the most adventurous experience ever. It rained heavily. The streets were muddy and our route was tough to drive through. I wasn’t too much convinced to conduct that drive but the dedication of our team volunteers led us to the spot. The spot itself was poverty stricken-ed, the people there lived in tents and their earning is much less to fill the tummies of their infants with good food.

When we reached there, we all were like OMG !! What is this? Rain ruined it all. Streets were muddy. There wasn’t a space to step up and walk through. It was an EPIC scene. A thought came in my mind that we’re getting  obsessed  by only seeing this, how these people manage and live such stressed LIFE??, this thought pulled our spirits high. Though the route was filthy but it wasn’t enough to obstruct us from serving Iftari packs to every home. And we did the same as we thought, the Iftari packs were served to every single home and we left no stone unturned .

Muddy way

Distribution was the best part. It was fun, memorable, adventurous and damn tough too. It was more than seeing is believing. Some had there Sandals broken. Some one was slipped in the mud and some one was making merry of not getting slid.

Those scenes are unforgettable for us and this drive thought us there is still HOPE, and that hope is “us”. We can still change the course of Pakistan. There maybe thousands of hurdles in-front of us but if “We” want to unite our country then no other power would be able to tear us down. There are million ways to Love Pakistan but first find your way how you will love Pakistan. I Hope Pakistan. Do you?


About Shaikh Saif

From Sialkot, A Pakistani teen. A volunteer who views world with a positive eye and with his skiled services, passionate to transform it into a peacefull village. A photographer who believes that he don't take a photograph but he make it. Creativity is his weapon. He's a freelancer and pretty much self-employed. Social worker who is working for some organizations and also running his own social action projects. He loves humanity and believes in empowering women and local youth. A young blogger who writes freely to express his positivity and who expose a real world. Youth member of the political part named PTI (Pakistan tehrek-insaaf). An activist by mind, wanderer by soul and learner by heart.

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