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I found out my Passion is Green !



You guys may feel awkward by reading the blog’s title thatmy passion is “Green” lol. It seems weird but this is true because the color green represent my beloved country “Pakistan”. Someone maybe passionate about photography, journalism or dancing etc, but not all of them are willing to serve their talent for their homeland.

I’m now 17 and enthusiastic about multiple things but what my real  passion is to devote every single bit of my talent to raise the Green Flag high in the sky. Resembling me, there are hundreds of young talents out there who are dreaming to make Pakistan proud but some are such great Icons, the contributions of whom are speechless and they’d left no stone unturned to portray the positive image of Pakistan globally. They inspired many souls and with their actions proved that Pakistan own the most shining and passionate youth then any other country has. Here I’ll discuss my experience how I found that my passion is green 🙂

Few days back, I was invited in  launching ceremony of “Mera Passion Pakistan” in Lahore” organised by  Google’s Badar Khushnood, in which talented bloggers across Pakistan were being  invited to breathe the air of positivity,  and to praise the stories of some extraordinary national heroes.The launching named Netizens Meet-up. Its motto was ” Achi baat, Achi Soch, Acha Amal“, which creates a positive mindset indeed.  Unfortunately, I missed almost half of the event because  timings of the bus I took weren’t favorable for the it lol :D. Luckily my cousin was already there who told me all the happenings in a nut-shell later on. Finally I reached the launching spot (Bistro restaurant), conducted registrations along with chilled red-bull ;D, welcomed warmly, as I stepped-up in the hall, saw 6 proud Pakistanis receiving huge standing ovation by the room. I was being astonished and starting wondering what would the actually had done. There was an individual and 2 groups of teachers and Wright brothers I should say.

Among them was a boy named Asad Mahmoud who had built the 6th largest telescope of Pakistan through his own means. It was worth only 25k. But proudly he confirmed that now after making his first telescope, he can make the same one worth 10k. Now that’s his passion for science and for his country that he had given his level best to become h first telescope-builder of Pakistan . Haven’t seen such science enthusiast before.

Following him, were the most inspiring group of people I’ve ever met. They were three students ( two boys and a girl) from IBA Sukker. They decided to step-forward  the most difficult task; to teach the poor children. As floods strucked Pakistan badly, and millions of affectees lost their homes and the loved ones, they were also berated from food and schools to get themselves educated. Camps were the only shelter left for them. These guys starting teaching them regularly and invested their own pocket money at the first stage. They didn’t ask any downer to donate them and help them out by providing more teachers and school stuff for the children. They were the only three souls who took this responsibility and now they renowned across Pakistan for their honest working. I talked to the group personally and straightaway asked the question intriguing me ” How you guys managed it alone, why you didn’t ask the government or a downer to help you guys?”  The girl from them explained that “That is the amazing thing, that we didn’t wait for any one to back us. We helped ourselves, that’s why we’re being hugely  by all you today” she also added that “As our backgrounds resemble their’s , so we knew the importance of education for these children because they have eager to learn and make Pakistan’s future bright”. In a nut shell, the three of them expressed the care for humanity and the importance  of education in our society. I’m truly inspired by them, the real national heroes of our country.

At the end were the Qazi brothers of Pakistan. Yes, they truly deserve to be named as Wright Brothers because with their creativity and innovation they built their own version of plane using bamboo and a Suzuki engine, which can reach the altitude of 16000ft. This glider could be useful in the floods situation and in supervising traffic. Generally the pilot (Qazi Tufail) was inspired by a plane he saw in 60’s bond films. Qazi brothers had a little protest  for Ababeel Sports Flying Club which is disclosed by the current government.

We watched some documentaries of these people, Mr.Fazli covered all the stories comprehensively. The host Mr.Irfan conveyed some motivational speeches which up-lifted the patriotism of everyone. All the heroes discussed above were awarded the cash-prize of 10k each.

Some other motivating people like Harris Nadeem ( The Most successful young blogger) and Ghalib Khalil (Pakistan’s Peace champion) were  also introduced later on and were highly appreciated. I believe that MPP has taken a worthy initiative to promote positivity among youth but I’m still waiting for their updated  website.

The reason to discuss my experience of MPP launching was that there are still so many people who are devoting their skills and talent for their country and promoting a sense of positivity in out society. In the event, I met many people who uplifted my confidence to move forward and find what is my real passion. That day for the first time I realized that though my passion is photography and other stuff but my real Passion Pakistan. At the end I have to serve my services to Pakistan, live for Pakistan and die for Pakistan. I can’t use my talent for personal benefits. Its 2011, and Pakistan is suffering so much already but still no one own a sense of patriotism. Every one value personal benefits. “Ab khud kuch karna pare ga”, this phrase is specially for the youngsters because if we don’t make a stand for out country today, no one will. I’m not intended to point out someone but just want you guys to realize that the time is here  to smoke the air of positivity in our society. that  like MPP, may other conducted more meet-ups like this to uplift the youth that’s been circled by frustration and anger. Hope that Pakistan prosper in every field of life. Inshallah.