English men Greenwashed- Revenge Taken


Forgetting all the blame-games our “men in green” being imposed in 2010  by English media claiming that Pakistan fixes almost every important match and all the bookies are directly or indirectly connected with the Paki players. Men in green stepped up in the ground with new zeal and strongly replied the English media by whitewashing England team by 3-0. I might say they simply “Made their loud mouth shut” by their stunning performance. Though it took our team 2 years to reply back but it was the best possible reply they could make and just at the right time. English Critics are being slapped hard and  they’re being forced to praise the men in green in their tweets. Rehman and Ajmal twisted their minds with their “Dusras” and the pacy deliveries of Umer Gul broke the defense of English batsman.

Pakistan is the first Asian team to white wash England in the history of cricket. In the third test even after bowled out at 99 runs. Pakistan pulled back into the match by the brilliance of Younis Khan and Azhar Ali. Then after bowlers did the rest to bent down the high heads of English men :D. 

This is a great lesson for the English players and their media that time not always remain the same. There is always GOOD after BAD. Though some of our gambled but we recovered very soon and proved ourselves in the Cricket world. The TRUE CHAMPIONS are those who learn from  their mistakes and rose up high after suffering heavy loss, and yet we proved that we are the REAL HEROES. Now its thir time to be criticized. 

English team get ready for the ODIs and T20s because men in green are ready to test your temperament again. Lets see what happens, hope for the best. Cheers for the Pakistani team 😀



About Shaikh Saif

From Sialkot, A Pakistani teen. A volunteer who views world with a positive eye and with his skiled services, passionate to transform it into a peacefull village. A photographer who believes that he don't take a photograph but he make it. Creativity is his weapon. He's a freelancer and pretty much self-employed. Social worker who is working for some organizations and also running his own social action projects. He loves humanity and believes in empowering women and local youth. A young blogger who writes freely to express his positivity and who expose a real world. Youth member of the political part named PTI (Pakistan tehrek-insaaf). An activist by mind, wanderer by soul and learner by heart.

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