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Iftari for poor- A journey that inspired and made thousands smile.


Its been a while since I updated any blog. Probably I last wrote in March  and now I find it the best opportunity to speak out my heart. Eid Mubarik everyone. The month of bliss ended which I’m really gonna miss and now its time for all Muslim brothers and sisters to cherish the blessings of Eid.

This year, the month of Ramadan was very special for me, as if I lived the 30 best days of my life. These 30 days thought me to inspire,  innovate and discover. To love and care for those people who are sideline just because they don’t own the best facilities of life. Every single day was discovering a new myself, and something to feel proud of. Yes, this Ramadan had not been unreal just for me but for thousands of people as I and my zealous team conducted an event named “Iftari for Poor”. An event that started as a normal social project but became a chapter of  our lives.  The smiles of those adorable kids, the prayers of those warm-hearted mothers and families, the support from the corporates, and the determination of our volunteers  inspired us to move on and to carry out the impossible.

Iftari for poor is a special project which I and my friend Ghalib initiated last year in Ramadan. Looking upon the last year’s success, as we served 1650 orphans, patients, prisoners, laborers, travelers and slums. We planned to do it again and set aim to serve across 3000 people this year. But we did not know that we will meet more than we expected (Thanks to Almighty Allah) . We started from a scratch and ended up at Everest. Started from 0 and ended up serving 6000 poor people. Started from 0 and ended up with an active team of 50 volunteers.Started the project involving 2 organisations and ended up with 5 more organisations ( both National and International) doing collaboration. We almost conducted 22 drives in orphanages, slums, factory areas, near bus station and in a school in Islamabad. Allwas unimaginable but we completed this chapter with high spirit Alhamdulilah.

The reason for composing this blog is absolutely not to brag about what we did or no one else can do what we have done. The reason is to influence the readers that they should also try to this once in their lifetime. Because its hard to imaging  how much we helped ourself by helping others. What great impact this project had on us and how it guided us to be a better person. It helped us eradicating the difference between the rich and poor; made us realize that we all are Humans possessing equal rights to live. Every day was a learning day and now I’m short of words to explain this life-changing experience. As I already said above that I’m gonna speak my heart, so that is exactly what I’ve done.

However, I hope that this journey never ends and will continue again next year Inshallah with more smiles, more prayers, more beneficiaries will be serve, extended team and with great dedication. I believe every team member and the corporates will be proud to work for this cause.