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From Sialkot, A Pakistani teen. A volunteer who views world with a positive eye and with his skiled services, passionate to transform it into a peacefull village. A photographer who believes that he don't take a photograph but he make it. Creativity is his weapon. He's a freelancer and pretty much self-employed. Social worker who is working for some organizations and also running his own social action projects. He loves humanity and believes in empowering women and local youth. A young blogger who writes freely to express his positivity and who expose a real world. Youth member of the political part named PTI (Pakistan tehrek-insaaf). An activist by mind, wanderer by soul and learner by heart.

Iftari for poor- A journey that inspired and made thousands smile.


Its been a while since I updated any blog. Probably I last wrote in March  and now I find it the best opportunity to speak out my heart. Eid Mubarik everyone. The month of bliss ended which I’m really gonna miss and now its time for all Muslim brothers and sisters to cherish the blessings of Eid.

This year, the month of Ramadan was very special for me, as if I lived the 30 best days of my life. These 30 days thought me to inspire,  innovate and discover. To love and care for those people who are sideline just because they don’t own the best facilities of life. Every single day was discovering a new myself, and something to feel proud of. Yes, this Ramadan had not been unreal just for me but for thousands of people as I and my zealous team conducted an event named “Iftari for Poor”. An event that started as a normal social project but became a chapter of  our lives.  The smiles of those adorable kids, the prayers of those warm-hearted mothers and families, the support from the corporates, and the determination of our volunteers  inspired us to move on and to carry out the impossible.

Iftari for poor is a special project which I and my friend Ghalib initiated last year in Ramadan. Looking upon the last year’s success, as we served 1650 orphans, patients, prisoners, laborers, travelers and slums. We planned to do it again and set aim to serve across 3000 people this year. But we did not know that we will meet more than we expected (Thanks to Almighty Allah) . We started from a scratch and ended up at Everest. Started from 0 and ended up serving 6000 poor people. Started from 0 and ended up with an active team of 50 volunteers.Started the project involving 2 organisations and ended up with 5 more organisations ( both National and International) doing collaboration. We almost conducted 22 drives in orphanages, slums, factory areas, near bus station and in a school in Islamabad. Allwas unimaginable but we completed this chapter with high spirit Alhamdulilah.

The reason for composing this blog is absolutely not to brag about what we did or no one else can do what we have done. The reason is to influence the readers that they should also try to this once in their lifetime. Because its hard to imaging  how much we helped ourself by helping others. What great impact this project had on us and how it guided us to be a better person. It helped us eradicating the difference between the rich and poor; made us realize that we all are Humans possessing equal rights to live. Every day was a learning day and now I’m short of words to explain this life-changing experience. As I already said above that I’m gonna speak my heart, so that is exactly what I’ve done.

However, I hope that this journey never ends and will continue again next year Inshallah with more smiles, more prayers, more beneficiaries will be serve, extended team and with great dedication. I believe every team member and the corporates will be proud to work for this cause.


Thankyou for Inspiring- Women’s day 2012


I’m writing this blog-post for all those brave women who face some real hardships in different spheres of life. For all the mothers who sacrifice for their families to make a “Happy Home”. For all those wives tolerating their brutal husbands. For all those teachers, trying to teach stubborn students with a vision to make a literate society. For all those nurses, working day and night in the hospitals caring for the people they don’t even know. For all those employed-women who courageously tackle the troubles of society to earn their living.

This blog is for all those inspiring women out there who are activists, change-makers and fighting for the rights of human beings. With their efforts they are making change in our society on equal footing with men. They are moving forward with the vision that “progress for women is the progress for all”. They are teaching the suffered ones to stand for their rights.

I heartly thank all the “Women of the world” for being a true inspiration. Your struggles and efforts counts. You are one “Nation’s Strength”.

This blog is a tribute to all women who transform the world with their giving, affection, and dedication. Happy International Women’sDay!

They say its a man’s world….But you have showed otherwise”

English men Greenwashed- Revenge Taken


Forgetting all the blame-games our “men in green” being imposed in 2010  by English media claiming that Pakistan fixes almost every important match and all the bookies are directly or indirectly connected with the Paki players. Men in green stepped up in the ground with new zeal and strongly replied the English media by whitewashing England team by 3-0. I might say they simply “Made their loud mouth shut” by their stunning performance. Though it took our team 2 years to reply back but it was the best possible reply they could make and just at the right time. English Critics are being slapped hard and  they’re being forced to praise the men in green in their tweets. Rehman and Ajmal twisted their minds with their “Dusras” and the pacy deliveries of Umer Gul broke the defense of English batsman.

Pakistan is the first Asian team to white wash England in the history of cricket. In the third test even after bowled out at 99 runs. Pakistan pulled back into the match by the brilliance of Younis Khan and Azhar Ali. Then after bowlers did the rest to bent down the high heads of English men :D. 

This is a great lesson for the English players and their media that time not always remain the same. There is always GOOD after BAD. Though some of our gambled but we recovered very soon and proved ourselves in the Cricket world. The TRUE CHAMPIONS are those who learn from  their mistakes and rose up high after suffering heavy loss, and yet we proved that we are the REAL HEROES. Now its thir time to be criticized. 

English team get ready for the ODIs and T20s because men in green are ready to test your temperament again. Lets see what happens, hope for the best. Cheers for the Pakistani team 😀


You Left Unfinished and Yet We Are Proud of you. R.I.P Arifa Kareem


Who’s more inspiring then Arifa Kareem. Yes I’m inspired by her aims since she came into notice at the age of 9, when she became the  the youngest Microsoft Software Engineer (MCSE) of the world. And not only me but she has astounded millions of souls around the globe by expressing her unique abilities in field of IT. Lived the life of just 16 years and accomplished so much that one cant even imagine.

She was honored the  World’s Youngest Microsoft Certified Professional. Bill Gates, the Chairman of Microsoft, invited Arfa to visit the Microsoft Headquarters in the USA in the age of 10 only. Being awarded the Fatima Jinnah gold medal by the government of Pakistan. Certified for flying the plane just at the age of 10. Worked for tech societies and and computer companies in Dubai and won many medals and awards. Also participated in Microsoft keynote session in the Tech-Ed Developers Conference held in Barcelona, in 2006.

There is a proverb that “Great things come in small packages” and Arifa was one of those who left us :(. She is the real Daughter of Pakistan and pride of our country. Genius like Arifa who was such a great poet, a singer and who had so inspiring aims for the betterment of Pakistan, are on in millions.

She had Fits attack at first, but later when she got a heart attack she went into coma. I did hear many good news about her successful surgery but Allah had already decided to take that blessed gift back which He had given us back in 1995. Today is the black day for all Pakistanis and for Arifa’s family aswell but we could not be more proud of her. I as youngster promise to Arifa’s family that one of us ( The Youth of Pakistan) will accomplish her inspiring aims and will lighten the name of Pakistan in the field of science all around the globe. So all I can say that “yet you left unfinished and yet we are proud of you”

Feel of Joy- Small actions can bring!


Sometimes small actions can bring big difference in someone’s life, belonging to any religion, cast or life standard. One action of bliss can fetch a full bucket of happiness and love for each other. It helps in building the bridges  of harmony and peace among  people, and we feel pretty much equal as Human beings. Few days back I’ve come by such an experience which was quite ordinary but turned out into an extraordinary feeling of joy for me. Let me share my little story of bliss 😀 Few days back, as of my daily routine, I was buying some snacks and drinks from a general store nearby my house. A slum kid stood beside me, and kept on watching me buying variety of snacks. It seemed like he badly wants one of them. I was intrigued to ask the kid if he had any problem. He didn’t answer but gave a shy look. I asked again politely, he said my mum didn’t offered me food the whole day and I’m very hungry. His innocence caught my attention me and I gave him some snacks and bought him some candies. The kid smiled and his face bloomed like he got everything that he had wished. His emotions made me feel like I’ve provided him with the best moments he ever had in his life. The boy thanked and departed but left me with greatest feeling of joy. It felt amazing to make someone. It releases frustrations and anxieties aswell 😀 That day I learned the fact that sometimes ordinary things are also so special for someone. We didn’t expect that action to turn out worthy because it doesn’t affect us. But it do leave a great impact on other’s life. Like all I did is just bought some snacks to a kid, which was nothing for me but the kid reacted like he had the best meal of his life. I believe that in these tough times, we should spread happiness by making people smile around us, like I did :D. It wont be worthy but the feeling of joy you’ll left with, will last forever in your heart, and that little action of bliss will touch the soul of whom you’ve helped.

I know this little story of bliss may not seem special to many of you but it was very special for me because it thought me that when we help others, we actually help ourselves, by getting rid of  frustrations and tensions we’re dealing daily by being selfish. The reason for sharing this story is to uplift the spirit the socialism and harmony of my readers. Today we’re being encircled by the most complex problems, we actually created them ourselves by thinking about our personal benefits and not of others. If one small action can bring a smile of hope then why millions of us can’t bring hope and happiness? why we’re being wrapped up in oneself? Some of questions driving us back. We should think that we all are equal in-terms of rights and purpose. We must change ORDINARY into EXTRAORDINARY.

Human Rights Day- What actually Human rights are?


The basic rights we posses

On 10 December 1948, the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted and proclaimed “the Universal Declaration of Human Rights”. The theme of this year is ‘Celebrate Human Rights’ against abuse and violations of human values. Human rights provide a foundation for building a just and peaceful world. Every human being on the planet has the right to dignity, respect, and freedom – whatever their race, colour, sex, sexual orientation, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, wealth or other status. Its celebrated in Pakistan and all around the world.

When different people around the world being asked “What Human Rights Are?”. They find this question extremely difficult. Some say its a freedom of religion, the right to live, we all are equal. Human Rights are the rights you have simply because your human. Its how you instinctively expect and deserve to be treated as person. Its like the rights to live freely, to speak your mind and to be treated as an equal. There are many kinds of rights, most applied to a certain group, but Human rights are the only one’s that are absolutely applied to everyone, everywhere. That means men, women, kids, old people, poor people, sportsmen, singers, dancers, teachers, Europeans, Asians, Africans, Jews, Christians, Muslims, you mom and dad, your neighbour next door and at-last you yourself. All have the exact same rights, they are called Universal. But the questions stands “What are human rights?”

According to UN( United Nations) there are 30 human rights. They all are listed in “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights” which is the world most widely accepted document on the subject. But it took long time to reform. From “Cyrus the Great” till “Mahatma Gandhi” many battles and treaties took place among the Greeks, Indians, Romans, English, Americans, French. After all these years of struggle finally in 1945, the Nations of the world bonded and formed United Nations. Their basic purpose was “To reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights, in the and worth of a human person”. The French concept of “Natural rights” finally became human rights later on.

Under the Supervision of Ellenor Roswell, all the nations finally agreed to set of rights that are applicable to everyone “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights”, and they all lived happily ever after, except one little problem. If people have the right to food and shelter, then why 16 thousand people are dying daily due to starvation. If they have the right to speech, why are thousands are in prisons for speaking their minds out. If they have they right of education, why billions are unable to study. If slavery is completely finished, then why millions are still slaves. The fact is that when  “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights” was signed, the law was optional. Its worth was just the words on page. But the question is who will make these words a reality.

Those who today fighting against torture, poverty and discrimination and not giants and superheroes  “they are people”, who refused to be silent, who realized that human rights are not history lessons, commercials, words on page or speeches. They are the choices that we make daily as Human beings, they are the responsibilies we all share, to respect each other, to help each other, and to protect those in need. We all are equal and born for the same purpose. Share the love and happiness around…..Peace !

International Volunteer Day 2011- Thank-you all of you


International Volunteer Day 2011

Today, Monday 5th December is International Volunteers Day.  A day dedicated to thanking and celebrating those who help others. You all are great inspirations and don’t stop taking actions to transform this world into a peaceful land. This goes to every volunteer who decided to step up to make a difference in society without expectation of any reward. With out them charities and NGO’s wouldn’t survived. To each and every person who is a Volunteer I THANK YOU!