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Feel of Joy- Small actions can bring!


Sometimes small actions can bring big difference in someone’s life, belonging to any religion, cast or life standard. One action of bliss can fetch a full bucket of happiness and love for each other. It helps in building the bridges  of harmony and peace among  people, and we feel pretty much equal as Human beings. Few days back I’ve come by such an experience which was quite ordinary but turned out into an extraordinary feeling of joy for me. Let me share my little story of bliss 😀 Few days back, as of my daily routine, I was buying some snacks and drinks from a general store nearby my house. A slum kid stood beside me, and kept on watching me buying variety of snacks. It seemed like he badly wants one of them. I was intrigued to ask the kid if he had any problem. He didn’t answer but gave a shy look. I asked again politely, he said my mum didn’t offered me food the whole day and I’m very hungry. His innocence caught my attention me and I gave him some snacks and bought him some candies. The kid smiled and his face bloomed like he got everything that he had wished. His emotions made me feel like I’ve provided him with the best moments he ever had in his life. The boy thanked and departed but left me with greatest feeling of joy. It felt amazing to make someone. It releases frustrations and anxieties aswell 😀 That day I learned the fact that sometimes ordinary things are also so special for someone. We didn’t expect that action to turn out worthy because it doesn’t affect us. But it do leave a great impact on other’s life. Like all I did is just bought some snacks to a kid, which was nothing for me but the kid reacted like he had the best meal of his life. I believe that in these tough times, we should spread happiness by making people smile around us, like I did :D. It wont be worthy but the feeling of joy you’ll left with, will last forever in your heart, and that little action of bliss will touch the soul of whom you’ve helped.

I know this little story of bliss may not seem special to many of you but it was very special for me because it thought me that when we help others, we actually help ourselves, by getting rid of  frustrations and tensions we’re dealing daily by being selfish. The reason for sharing this story is to uplift the spirit the socialism and harmony of my readers. Today we’re being encircled by the most complex problems, we actually created them ourselves by thinking about our personal benefits and not of others. If one small action can bring a smile of hope then why millions of us can’t bring hope and happiness? why we’re being wrapped up in oneself? Some of questions driving us back. We should think that we all are equal in-terms of rights and purpose. We must change ORDINARY into EXTRAORDINARY.


“Yes” Together we are the solution


Well when we talk about ethnicity in Pakistan, there’s always a negative response from people residing in different ethnic regions. Witnessing our elders the Y-generation also caught up by the ethnic fire  and it burnt their harmonic feelings for each other. They’re forced to do riots for the sake and respect of their particular regions. Not many governmental or non governmental organizations aren’t taking such initiatives  to bring youth from different shades of culture under a single umbrella. Youth’s energy is not channelized to work as a unit.


Channan Development Association (CDA) in collaboration with Y-peer Pakistan and Punjab government  arranged Asian Youth Conference and Peace festival 2011 in Lahore, which I believe is one of the major initiative took by Young people of Lahore and across Pakistan . National Delegates (from across Pakistan), including me ;) , Speakers (across Pakistan) and International delegates (across Asia) were invited to gather and talk about peace. To spread love. And to eradicate all the hatred that we’ve taken in our hearts for each other since a long time. The event was based on the theme “Together we are the solution” as I named the blog on this theme.

It was three day fun and interactive festival .Many noted personalities and inspiring speakers accompanied including Ali Moeen, Sarmad Tariq, Amara Anwar, Usman Shahid, Umair Jaliawala, Nazia Ramzan and many Asian young models .I personally interacted with the people of Lahore, Karachi, Hyderabad, Peshawar, Quetta , Islamabad, Gilgit and almost people from every region. I felt very much common among ourselves, and the common thingy was that we all belong to one nation Pakistan. At that time no one was Sindhi, Balochi, Pakhtun or Punjabi.We get to know so much about the cultures of each other and even we had interaction activities and workshops in festival.

I never knew anything about the people of Gilgit, just knew that its Pakistan’s paradise. Never wandered of how talented and passionate they are. I met and heard some gilgitis and they simply inspired me. Even there are not much awareness, and there is lack of education since there not much schools and colleges there, but the youth of Gilgit is taking equal part in political and social activies.

Cultural night was conducted on the second day of the event. Basically it was a concert of noted musicians which turned out into a Cultural night at the end. Experienced the real importance of Pakistani culture. On one side I was extremely overwhelmed to come by variety of colours, dresses and songs depicting different cultures including Punjabis, Sindhis, Balochis, Pakhtuns, and Gilgitis. On the other side I was grieving inside because we have forgotten our identities by ignoring our culture. We’re strayed by the bright colours of western culture. In a while we just lost ourselves. We over leaped our own culture. I also have no identity because I don’t follow my customs any more. One of the major factors of why Pakistani youth facing problems is that there aren’t much awareness among them to revive our customs back. So I believe it was a great initiative took by CDA

I was a little bit sad on the third day because I didn’t want the event to end. In such tough time as Lahore was all caught up by Dengue and viral infections, the delegates showed up and came to the festival. team of CDA, volunteers and executive committee gave their level best even in the chewy time. It really seemed to me that ” Yes together we are the solution”. All of us gathered on a single platform, danced , sung, questioned-answered, and left with tons of memories. Hats off all the young people who organized such an event. I hope to witness such festivals in the near future, and we will make peace instead of war among us Inshallah .