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Defence Day: Saluting bravery 46 years on


Pakistan Defence Day Karachi

Today is September 6 which is marked to pay homage to those courageous soldiers who martyred fighting for the defence of their homeland. Yet now, these soldiers had left no stone unturned in sacrificing there lives for eradicating terrorists from our country. But if we take a brief look on our condition today, then we’ll come to know that in all these years army integrated people from different regions into a  knotted family, why have our politicians failed to do the same ??

Our nation is divided on the basis of interests, regions, activities and Firqas. We lost most of our country by just ignoring unity among us, and we learnt none of the lessons from those martyrs who stood like a unified wall till the end of the war. Unfortunately, we proudly celebrate Defence Day but we never look upon on those struggles which were put by our soldiers to defend our homeland. And we still express negativity for our country. We never think why this day is considered so important to Pakistan’s History, the reason is that  they never loosed hope, they fought like brave lions, and stood like the strongest barrier in front of the enemy, and they made the Green flag rise high. They set up a perfect instance for our youth.


These are the lessons we should learn from them and the day we’ll realize their importance, then the enemies that are looking down us will step back. The reason for writing this blog post is not to criticize people although many of us don’t know what happened on September 6th , which I feel very unfortunate.I just want us to realize the worth of this day and bring it into reality. And we will do it Insh’allah. I still Hope Pakistan . Do you?